our story.

cluj-napoca. transylvania. romania.

Every successful idea has a team behind it, people that work hard and strive to deliver the best of everything. They succeed in materializing their thoughts and inputs, in order to shape the best product. But like every other story, the most important aspect that holds everything together is the answer to the question “WHY?”

This was the case, in the autumn of 2019, for two friends in pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement, understanding that becoming entrepreneurs would provide them with the chance to make statements in areas where others comply and never ask questions. So, like every successful story, ours began in a place where coffee is served, where people come to socialise and share brilliant ideas. A place where knowledge and wisdom and of course, coffee, blend perfectly together.

In the following months, we dedicated all the free time to our dream company and we were 100% determined and eager to materialize and develop it harmoniously. We strived for a software development & product design company, which offers quality web and mobile solutions and products designed in an intelligent way.

From the beginning, we wanted to be different, offering products of real success, the specific quality of a headline product and not second-best. We noticed the real problem in this market and the fact that sometimes, the trend or people without expertise impose solutions that are not always the most viable and suitable. We saw this as an opportunity and chose to always offer the best solutions as a principle and not let ourselves blinded by trend or other influences.


So here we are, the writers of our own history. We are bold and we are certain that our brand will be a global statement in the tech world. We want to achieve great things in this life, we have this drive to do awesome projects and we keep it up all the time. We hustle, we grind we are slowly conquering the world of software development and design.

We want to establish the ideal company for our clients, partners and employees. We want to constantly improve and offer our stakeholders the best place to experience thriving collaborations and comfort when elaborating exciting and new product concepts. We guarantee you the best and we are ready to make history together...

The Why Company Team

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